Sunday, October 27, 2013

This Week in the Lab 10/28


  • Practice logging on the the computer
  • Create and pring a Virtual Pumpkin on ABCYa to practice mouse control (for those that didn't print last week)
  • Visit Starfall to practice our letter of the week.

1st Grade

  • Introduction to Microsoft Word (Continued from last week)
  • Save and open files in the class folder
  • Practice typing our names
  • Use the font controls to change the way our name looks

2nd Grade

  • Introduce PowerPoint (Continued from last week)
  • Instert ClipArt and add a title.
  • Use the design, transition, and animation features to add extra style to the Presentations

3rd Grade

  • Perform a Google Image search, looking at how to refine our search. (Continued from last week)
  • Looking at the source of our image to decide if it is reliable.
  • Save a picture from Google Images into our folder.
  • Import saved images into PowerPoint

4th Grade

  • Introduce Prezi
  • Add text and pictures to the Prezi
  • Create a motion path within the Prezi
  • Use Prezi to illustrate a cause and effect. (We will be wrapping these up this week)

5th Grade

  • Introduce Google Sketchup
  • Create basic shapes, convert 2D shapes to 3D models.
  • Manipulate 3D models
  • Add textures.
  • Choose a real life building to replicate

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