Friday, November 8, 2013

This Week in the Lab 11/11


  • Practice logging on the the computer
  • Introduce Microsoft Paint (Windows 7 version)
  • Draw a picture of something that starts with the letter "J"

1st Grade

  • Introduce KerPoof
  • Practice logging in to our class account.

2nd Grade

  • Introduce Bitstrips
  • Create an Avatar

3rd Grade

  • Introduce Prezi
  • Create a Prezi about an Ecosystem and populate it with different plants and animals from that ecosystem.

4th Grade

  • Perform Google searches for websites about government.
  • Evaluate the websites for reliability
  • Share their findings in a Google Form (continued from last week)

5th Grade

  • Continue work with Google Sketchup
  • Place our building into a Google Earth location
  • Add additional models from the Warehouse

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