Thursday, September 24, 2009

Parents, this one's for you!

Hello parents of GCMS!  Whether you casually stumbled upon this post or met me at parent night you are all welcome.  I hope you have had a chance to look around the GCMS website and this technology resources page.  Now I would like your feedback!

Leave a comment on this blog post with any question you may have for me.  These can be general questions about technology in the classroom, tech at GCMS, this website, or just wanting to know more about me!  Also feel free to leave any feedback you may have.  What do you like about the things we are doing with technology at GCMS, what would be something you'd like to see us try out?  Or anything else you may think of.

Thank you for all the great support you give to your children, I look forward to hearing from you.


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